Upcoming event: 2nd Conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine – 7-9 November 2018 – Utrecht, NL

The European Association of Systems Medicine (EASyM) is organising the second International Conference on Systems Medicine entitled “Big Data: transition to practice”, which will give delegates a flavour of cutting edge research and translation of it to the clinics within the field. The conference is designed to initiate and promote interactions between researchers and clinicians who are interested in applying systems level approaches to address medical problems.

The conference will take place from 7 to 9 November 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands which is famous for its medieval old town (the iconic Domtoren), canals, Christian monuments and a venerable university. The meeting location will be the Muntgebouw (‘Mint Building’).

An application will be made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.

More information can found here.

New Training Opportunity within MEL-PLEX Network at OncoMark

Deadline for application: December 5th 2017

We are currently recruiting an early stage researcher for MEL-PLEX Project 12. The position will be available from January 2nd, 2018 for 6 months.

The successful candidate will be hosted at OncoMark (Ireland).

OncoMark is currently involved in a number of EU funded projects, including the pan-European academic/private sector research training network project called MEL-PLEX Identifying and validating a panel of master transcriptional regulators in advanced melanoma, using a systems transcriptomics and histology approach (Project 12).

Specific melanoma cohort data has been analysed and key network targets that regulate transcription have been identified. The candidate will validate these potential targets using tissue analysis techniques (WB, IHC) and process the data using advanced digital image analysis, statistical analysis and data driven systems modeling.

For more information on this opportunities and guidelines for application, click here and here.

Spot on – Understanding melanoma from prevention to cure

MEL-PLEX PhD candidates invite you to join us at the round-table:

“Spot on – Understanding melanoma from prevention to cure”

Download the event flyer here


1. Prevention & Early diagnosis/Peter Dalum

Understand how campaigns to raise awareness against skin cancer risk factors are designed, how many people are involved, how to motivate people to protect themselves, how efficient are these initiatives, etc.

2. From bench to bedside/ Per Gulberg and Dr Friedegund Meier Dealing with patients, interface between research and clinical activities

Clinician’s perspective on melanoma (available therapies, costs, efficacy, tolerability & side effects, development/improvement of new treatments – expectation from clinicians)

3. Post-treatment & Recovery/Pernille Envold Bidtrup

Impact of cancer on the daily life of a patient and their family, the long term impact for survivors

Chair: Valerie Bodemeyer

Rapporteur: Vesna Vetma

Location: Danish Cancer Society, Room 5.S B – Copenhagen

FREE EVENT: Register at melplexETN@rcsi.ie by January 10th 2017.


MEL-PLEX Annual Meeting II

MEL-PLEX Partners will meet in Copenhagen to discuss the programme progress and present an overview to our sponsors during the programme midterm review.

More information here.

Modelling approaches to fight cancer

In the framework of his EU MEL-PLEX project, Prof. Thomas Sauter is inviting young scientists in cancer research to the Workshop “Modelling approaches to fight cancer” held on November 25th (BS0.07) and 26th, 2015 (BS0.10) in Campus Limpertsberg (Sciences Building, Ground Floor) at the University of Luxembourg.

Places are limited, first come, first served. So, please send your registration (free of charge) by November 9th, 2015 to: caroline.herfroy@uni.lu.


MEL-PLEX_Modelling approaches to fight cancer_25-26.11.15