MEL-PLEX Conference

On May 2018 the MEL-PLEX Consortium will host its final meeting with invited keynote experts in melanoma research from signalling to transnational medicine and the latest advances in the clinic.

The conference will be hosted in Fiuggi, Italy as a satellite event of the European Workshops on Cell Death (EWCD).

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MEL-PLEX Conference flyer_2018

ECDO 2017 Conference

The 25th ECDO Conference will be dedicated to one of the hottest topic in biomedical and cell death research; the intersection between cell death and the immune system, which is central to physiological healing responses, key human pathologies and the development of novel therapeutics.

The Conference aims to bring together top-level international speakers and global leaders of the cell death and immunology fields together with young scientists and clinicians.

The program covers a wide range of critically important topics ranging from molecular pathways of different and emerging cell death modalities and their intersection with the innate and adaptive immunity, to the effects of dying cells on tissues repair, inflammation and microenvironment, to novel approaches harnessing immune effectors for therapeutic purposes in degenerative diseases and cancer.

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