Project 9: Understanding the role of Ambra1-based signalling in melanoma development through deregulated autophagy, apoptosis and proliferation

Location: Danish Cancer Society Research Centre, Denmark

Principal Investigator: Prof Francesco Cecconi

Collaborators: Prof Markus Rehm (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI)

Dr Marco Liberati (A. Plaisant Srl, APL)

Project 10: Constructing and validating an autophagy-based modelling environment as a systems-biological prognostic marker for primary melanoma

Location: University of Stuttgart, Germany

Principal Investigator: Prof Markus Rehm

Collaborators: Prof Hans-Uwe Simon (University of Bern, UBERN)

Prof William Gallagher (Oncomark Ltd, ONCO)

Project 11: In situ analysis of the micro-environmental immune-signature of primary melanoma and its validation as a prognostic marker for melanoma regression

Location: University of Leuven, Belgium

Principal Investigator: Prof Joost van den Oord

Collaborators: Prof Markus Rehm (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI)

Prof William Gallagher (Oncomark Ltd, ONCO)


Project 12: Identifying and validating a panel of master transcriptional regulators in advanced melanoma, using a systems transcriptomics and histology approach

Location: Oncomark Ltd, Ireland

Principal Investigator: Prof William Gallagher

Collaborators: Prof Walter Kolch (University College Dublin, UCD)

Prof Joost van den Oord (University of Leuven, KUL)

Project 13: Understanding how the human Hippo/MST2 pathway mediates resistance to Raf inhibitors, and its evaluation to prognosticate/predict treatment responsiveness

Location: University College Dublin, Ireland

Principal Investigator: Prof Walter Kolch

Collaborators: Prof Keith Flaherty (Massachusetts General Hospital, MGH)

Prof William Gallagher (Oncomark Ltd, ONCO)

Project 14: Development of a model for predicting disease progression and response to targeted checkpoint immuno-therapeutics in metastatic melanoma

Location: Optimata Ltd, Israel

Principal Investigator: Prof Zvia Agur

Collaborators: Prof Michal Lotem (Hadassah Medical Organisation, HMO)

Prof Patrizia Agostinis (University of Leuven, KUL)

Project 15: Deciphering the function of dynamic DNA epigenetic signatures as regulatory networks for melanoma progression and metastasis

Location: University of Bern, Switzerland

Principal Investigator: Prof Hans-Uwe Simon

Collaborators: Prof Thomas Sauter (University of Luxembourg, UL)

Dr Feriel Hacini-Rachinel (Galderma Pharma, GAL)

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