Ms Valérie Bodemeyer

Valérie Bodemeyer 25

MEL-PLEX Project 9


Current position: PhD student at the Cell Stress and Survival Unit of the Danish Cancer Society Research Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. Head of Unit: Prof. Francesco Cecconi;

2014: Master thesis at the Division of Immunogenetics of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg, Germany;

2013: Internship at the Department of Developmental Biology of the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cell Biology in Illkirch, France;

2012: Internship in the Anopheles group of the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Strasbourg, France;

2009 – 2014: Engineering degree in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France.

why are you doing a PhD?

I have always been a curious person who likes to discover different cultures, meet new people and face new challenges. Ultimately scientific curiosity has led me to do a PhD and however little my contribution may be, I want to be one of the many people that help push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Other interests?

Volleyball, movies and Japanese culture.

Favourite citation:

“Dans la vie, rien est à craindre, tout est à comprendre.” Marie Curie (Translation: Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood).

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