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My name is Greta Del Mistro, I come from Italy and I’m a MEL-PLEX PhD candidate at the Technical University of Dresden. I have developed strong skills in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Culture, and Proteomics through my previous experience, both at my Bachelors (University of Udine, Italy) and during an internship at the National Cancer Institute (CRO) in Aviano, Italy. As my education career as progressed, I have developed and nurtured a strong interest in Oncology. Moreover, I have experience in experimental research, specifically in Nanotechnology, through my work at the department of Chemistry of Uppsala University (Sweden) and during my Masters internship at the Dept. Arch. and Materials Engineering at the University of Trieste (Italy). During my Masters internship I examined in-depth the Raman Spectroscopy technique. I believe I have an advantage as I have work experience in different fields of science, and I learnt to operate with different professional figures.

Why are you doing a PhD?

 I wish to pursue a research career, and I believe that a PhD is the best starting point for my career and personal plans, but also to enhance my intercultural capabilities and my analytic skills. The possibility to work in a new international and competitive environment makes me excited and determined.

Other interests?

The two passions which have always accompanied my life are soccer and music. I also love travelling, no matter where and when. When I meet new cultures and visit new places, I always feel what real freedom is.

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