Ms Alba Cambrils



My name is Alba Cambrils and I have worked as a Research Assistant in the MEL-PLEX project during the last 6 months of the programme. I am originally from Spain and I have a BSc. in Biology at the University of Valencia and a MSc. in Translational Research and Personalised Medicine at the University of Granada. During and after my studies I have performed several stays in different research centers over my country (Spain) and abroad, at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany), which has defined my great interest in the cancer research field.

In the project number 12, we are validating a panel of master transcription regulators (MTRs) in malignant melanoma tissue microarrays. We will evaluate its prognostic value in malignant melanoma to stratify patients into high and low-risk of recurrence for the disease, so the low risk group can avoid unnecessary treatment with toxic chemotherapy.

Joining the MEL-PLEX programme has been a great opportunity for learning from the researchers implied in the project, increase my technical and communication skills in science, attend to talks and congresses, and interact with others ESRs. At the moment, I am a medical student at the University of Valencia (Spain), but I am as well passionate about research. I would like to pursue a PhD in the future to contribute to the fight against the disease from different fronts.

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