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My journey towards the realm of interdisciplinary bioscience has been a long and complex one. During my undergraduate biology courses, I started asking myself: “What is life? How do cells, genes, and proteins function? How are they structured, regulated, and expressed?” With these questions in mind, I slowly started to move away from basic biology as my interest in the inner workings of life and the micro-cosmos represented by cells and molecules kept growing.

Shortly afterwards, I came across the book The Eighth Day of Creation by Horace Judson, which firmly grounded my scientific interests with the story of evolution in molecular biology. Reading this book helped me to understand my new desire to expand my interest in bioscience to an interdisciplinary level.

During my Biotechnology with Business master’s courses, I found interesting connections and a personal interest in the area of personalized medicine. My research dissertation focused on improvements, challenges, and expectations in personalized medicine, theorizing ways to solve the underlying problems of the practice as it exists today.

 Why are you doing a PhD?

 I firmly believe that personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, however, much more research is needed to make it a workable solution. I dearly wish to contribute to this burgeoning field because of this urgent need for more efficient, patient-tailored therapies for the world’s many ailments and biological illnesses.

Other interests?

My passion outside the scientific arena lies in spending quality time with my friends, practicing taekwondo and traveling the world.

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  1. A.M. says:

    Very good presentation of your way this far, well written and educational. Keep up the good work and make us all proud! I strongly believe you will succeed! All the wishes from home,


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