Mr Cristiano Guttà




In the course of my studies I developed a detailed knowledge of molecular biology and biochemical techniques, and a particular interest for bioinformatics and sequence analysis. Therefore, I decided to spend the year of internship for my master’s thesis in the Bioinformatics lab of the Department of Biosciences, Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutics of University of Bari, and in November 2013 I graduated cum laude in “Cell and Molecular Biology”. The main topics of my master’s project were heteroplasmy annotation and prioritization analysis of human mitochondrial variants in high-throughput sequencing.

Then I was awarded a scholarship for a Second Level Master in “Technologies and methods for developing digital infrastructure” at the Department of Physics of University of Bari and I obtained the title with merit in 2015. I attended this postgraduate course, focused on networks and distributed computing technologies, to improve my computational skills and make use of them in my main field of interest.

Recently I moved to Germany and, to gain more detailed insights into cell biology, I worked as a scientific assistant at the Institute of Cell Biology and Immunology of University of Stuttgart.


I am attracted by systems biology since the first time my professor of bioinformatics mentioned it in a lecture, during the first year of my Master’s course. I am fascinated by the close collaboration between different sectors that systems biology requires and in particular by the integration of biological data collection activities and computational modelling and simulation techniques.

For this reason, I believe that the PhD position as part of the MEL-PLEX programme is the ideal continuation of my training path and an exceptional opportunity for the future of my scientific career.


I read a lot, classic novels in particular. When I was in Italy I used to practice martial arts regularly and, last but not least, I am a motorcycle enthusiast.

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