New Training Opportunity within MEL-PLEX Network at OncoMark

Deadline for application: December 5th 2017

We are currently recruiting an early stage researcher for MEL-PLEX Project 12. The position will be available from January 2nd, 2018 for 6 months.

The successful candidate will be hosted at OncoMark (Ireland).

OncoMark is currently involved in a number of EU funded projects, including the pan-European academic/private sector research training network project called MEL-PLEX Identifying and validating a panel of master transcriptional regulators in advanced melanoma, using a systems transcriptomics and histology approach (Project 12).

Specific melanoma cohort data has been analysed and key network targets that regulate transcription have been identified. The candidate will validate these potential targets using tissue analysis techniques (WB, IHC) and process the data using advanced digital image analysis, statistical analysis and data driven systems modeling.

For more information on this opportunities and guidelines for application, click here and here.

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