Two postdoctoral positions at Centre for Systems Medicine – Deadline November 30th 2016

The research group of Prof Jochen Prehn at the RCSI Centre for Systems Medicine and the Department of Physiology and Medical Physics is currently recruiting two postdoctoral fellows in Bioinformatics and Biostasts/Systems Medicine.

The group aims to identify novel prognostic and predictive biomarkers for the clinical management of colorectal cancer and other solid tumours. The team utilizes genomic and proteomic data sets as well as deterministic and data-driven systems modelling approaches on large clinical cohorts and pre-clinical cancer models to develop new stratification tools for genotoxic therapies and targeted therapies. The group collaborates within large European clinical and preclinical research networks funded by the European Union, Science Foundation Ireland (two recent Principal Investigator Awards) and the Irish Cancer Society, as well as with key industrial partners.

The laboratory is located in the heart of Dublin.

For more information on these positions click here and here.

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