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Programme’s mission:

The main goal of this programme is to train researchers that can navigate confidently between clinical, academic and private sector research environments, and that have developed an innovative and creative mind-set to progress research findings towards applications.


About the Programme:

This is a 3 years programme funded through Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Actions. PhD candidates are offered a competitive salary plus mobility allowance and family allowance. During their training, the fellows will develop and follow a personal career development plan with the guidance of their supervisors and mentors.


Scientific Overview:

In the absence of personalised and optimised treatment options, great numbers of cancer patients suffer from inefficient therapies. Malignant melanoma exemplifies a largely chemotherapy-resistant, highly heterogeneous and aggressive cancer. Novel treatment options for personalised, patient-tailored melanoma therapies can now be explored or developed through newly emerging and innovative research disciplines that go significantly beyond the current state-of-the-art, such as translational cancer systems biology and cancer systems medicine.


Scientific Objectives:

1. To achieve an unmatched depth of molecular and mechanistic disease understanding,

2. To exploit this knowledge to develop and validate predictive models for disease progression, prognosis and responsiveness to current and novel (co-)treatment options, and

3. To provide superior and clinically relevant tools and biomarker signatures for personalising and optimising melanoma therapy.



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